Geek 2 geek dating site

03-Feb-2016 22:37

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Geek-2-Geek network, giving opportunity to connect to other geeks online or offline.

The good thing about the website is Geek 2 Geek use special geek scoring sophisticated method for matching.

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Well sad news for you, those girls aren't "geeks", they're "smoking hot" and they get infinite male attention all day long just walking around, why the fuck would they sign up for an online site where they'd settle for some basement-dwelling virgin with a neckbeard who's a "nice guy" AND a great warhammer figurine painter?That's why I think the Geek 2 Geek website is pretty pointless, not to mention opposites tend to attract more. It's better than trying to hang at your local starbucks, mall, library or something, only to shyly and awkward try to engage in conversation with someone, only for them to be taken or their significant other to be in the premise.Besides someone I know is happily married with a child thanks to online dating.By default, the Geek guy will most likely be a nice guy, girl's don't like nice guys, well they do just not ones that are sensitive (I'm sure some geeks are sensitive, not all).

Anyway I'm sure even when the geek couple meets they'll break up soon because either the girl will be too nice (and sensitive), or the guy will be too nice (and sensitive).Many Geeks members post their pics wearing a costume or post a video doing any geeky related activity.